Theme Red 3 Recipes : Gooey Red velvet cupcakes (1)



Red Velvet Cupcake 1

Cupcake with ice cream, a yum combination!

Last weekend the weather was pretty cold, yes winter is almost near you guys! And it just makes you wanna wear pajamas all day and of course with something delicious to eat!  Because it’s been a while we thought lets bake! We came up with a theme, RED! So we made 3 different baking all with the color red. First this delicious red velvet gooey cupcake.  You can always top it of with some fruit, chocolate/caramel sauce or what we did with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yes even if its cold outside (winter time) when it comes to dessert we love ice-cream haha. We also baked a delicious pound cake with cranberries and a red velvet fudge. And we couldn’t resist to make Oreo cookies fudge as well :).

Ingredients :
yields 6

White chocolate 225 gram
Butter 225 gram
Sugar 150 gram
4 large…

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