Chicken Livers and Caramelised Apples Salad!

First time I see these in a salad…

Passion cook

Totally designed this one, as I like idea of a warm salad with lots of vegetables.
The combination of all flavours is quite pleasing.

I like to serve this salad on individual plates, this recipe is for 3large plates, could have been probably enough for 4, but I haven’t eaten at 3 pm, and my boys are big.)))


Chicken livers-400 g

Onion-1 diced 

Green apples-3 peeled, core removed and cut in wedged.

Mushrooms-6 medium sliced

Lettuce- I head

Avocado-1 large

Tomatoes-2 large 

Cucumber-1 Lebanese 

Garlic-2 cloves  chopped 

Lemons-2 for juicing


Salt, pepper 


Heat an oil in a frying pan, add livers with paprika and little salt, and cook, whilst stirring occasionally for a 5 minutes or so. Add onion and keep cooking till browned in places. Set aside.

In a pan heat a little oil again add apples and cook till caramelised, should take around 15 minutes…

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