Lamb Chops in Red Wine!

Sounds and looks so good I can taste it!

Passion cook

This is by far , one of my favorite dishes. A little expensive, and take a while to cook, but totally worth it. Australia has fantastic lamb and great red wine, so you just have to make it.)))

The way i cook it, it’s just the way i cook it, doesn’t really belong to any cuisine. It is my personal method.

I like to cook it to the point when meat falls off the bone, but if you prefer a bit harder version, just reduce the cooking time. I also use the whole bottle of decent red wine, but you can use half wine, half stock or water.

I always serve it with mashed potatoes, as the combination is incredible, but it works well with rice or polenta as well.


Lamb chops- 18 pieces.

Onion-2 large, cut in half rings.

Tomato paste-2 tablespoon.

Red wine- 1 bottle. i have…

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