{Paleo Friendly} Frosted Chocolate Cupcakes


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I wasn’t feeling at all well on the day I made these. I had been jonesing for ice cream since our trip to Hawaii, where I had tasted some of the most amazing ice cream of my life. If you’re ever in Maui, do yourself a favor and visit the Island Cream Co. Try all the samples. Try not to get upset about the fact that you can only get their ice cream in Maui and nowhere else.


Anyway, I was staring longingly at the ice-cream at Kroger when I found Coconut Bliss ice cream, which is made with coconut milk, and sweetened with agave and coconut sugar. I thought I had hit the jackpot, and I didn’t even care that it was $5 a pint. I tried some at home and was pleasantly surprised by the fact that it tasted good. It was actually so rich that I…

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  1. Wow they look so good! I will definitely follow! I would really appreciate it if you would check out my blog too!- https://thebakingblogsite.wordpress.com/


    1. Javy Dreamer says:

      I did. Pretty good. I’ll be watching and reblogging from yours as well.

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