Unstuffed Butternut Squash

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After spending twenty years cooking almost every meal for her family, my mum had a huge variety of recipes under her belt. When she wanted a small meal and didn’t want to make much mess or turn the oven on, she would fry slices of whatever vegetables we had. Usually it was potatoes or sweet potatoes, but occasionally she would use pumpkin, which was always my favourite.


This sprang to mind when I began seeing a lot of recipes on pinterest for stuffed squash. Spaghetti squash is still new to me, and I’m not great at cooking it yet, so I’ve been having a lot of butternut squash instead. This recipe for butternut stuffed with ground beef, bacon and kale sounded outright delicious to me, but when I got around to making it, I realised I couldn’t be bothered waiting for the pumpkin to roast in the oven. So…

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