Sweet potato soup with ginger

I love potato soup, I assume this might be sweeter.

Cooking Without Limits

After January with raw recipes I will start this month with something light and so good for a February afternoon. A cream soup for all the vegans, vegetarians or the meat lovers. I grew up with bors/ciorba which are traditional sour soups.

Borș is a liquid ingredient used in my country (Romania) to make traditional sour soup called also borș or ciorba.

This ingredient consists of wheat or barley bran, sometimes sugar beet, fermented in water – a slightly yellowish, sour liquid, which can also be drunk as such. The word has thus two different, if related meanings.

Romanian “borș” soup recipes can include various kinds of vegetables and any kind of meat, including fish.  One ingredient required in all recipes by Romanian tradition is lovage leaves, which has a characteristic flavor and improves significantly the soup’s aroma.

So starting from a bors recipe, I made a cream soup and used ginger to improve…

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