Alcoholic Milkshakes- Strawberry with Bacardi, Cherry with Baileys and Chocolate with Kahlua!

For those who drink alcohol…

Passion cook

It’s 42C in Perth 3 days in a raw, and i understand there is more heat to come.

So cold drinks is what you want, i understand in most parts of the world it’s a beautiful winter, but maybe you want to save this recipes for later.

Strawberry Milkshake with Bacardi.


Strawberries- 5 medium plus one for decoration.

Ice-cream-150 g

Milk-1/2 cup

Sugar-1-2 teaspoons.

Bacardi- 50 ml

Syrup and sugar for decoration.


Prepare your glass by dipping in a syrup (preferably red-strawberry or cherry) and than dip in the sugar. Make a slit in a strawberry.

In a blender mix Strawberries, ice-cream, sugar and milk for 30 seconds, add Bacardi mix for another 30 seconds.

Pour in a glass, decorate with a strawberry.

Chocolate Milkshake with Kahlua.


Ice-cream-150 g

Milk-1/2 cup

Kahlua- 50 ml

Chocolate syrup- for lining inside the glass.

Chocolate chips for decoration

Whipped cream.

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