Outrageous Chocolate Brownies

Mouth watering…

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How has Chocolate Week treated everyone so far? For me, it’s been a wonderful and much needed opportunity to indulge a little in one of my favourite things in the world. And spend a lot of time with boyfriend, obviously. However, in deciding what recipes to make in honour of this most special occasion, I have had to go into full-on research mode, and turned our living room into a disaster zone in the process. If anyone wants to know what “chocolate research” looks like, here it is.



I know I make brownies a lot, but to me they represent the ultimate in self-indulgence. Nothing says love to me like a warm, gooey brownie. And these are truly gooey and delicious. But I figured I could make them even better (and I’m pretty sure I succeeded) by adding a quarter a cup each of white chocolate and peanut butter…

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  1. Vinny Grette says:

    MMM! You could top these with my goatcheese cream to help moderate blood sugar spikes – a spoonful of protein helps the sugar go down 🙂


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