Seafood Paella

Not a big fan of the sea food, but this looks delicious!


decorating with lemonPaella, a classic Spanish dish of rice cooked with fish or meat.

From Mexican Quesadilla in our last post, we now going to Spain haha. We cooked Paella!  Paella is a rice dish from Spain that has become very popular and is known around the world. It originated from the region called Valencia in eastern Spain. There are many versions of paella.  You can make this dish with fish, chicken, shellfish, beans, vegetables etc. To make this dish you need saffron as well, a spice that also turns the rice into a beautiful golden color, an essential part of the dish. You have so many different types of rice. But for Paella you need the Paella rice,  its rounded and short. It absorbs the flavor of the liquid very well.

The very first time we ate this delicious Paella was in Barcelona couple years ago. We loved it! We love seafood, that’s why we…

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  1. Side/Dishes says:

    Okay, so this outdoes my newest post! — I’ve got to post my paella recipe, but it’ll take a trip down memory lane to fetch that recipe back…It’s been a year and a half!


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