Yummy (& Slightly Paleo) Carrot Cake


The Roadtrip Cowgirl

 Hi Guys. Happy National Carrot Cake Day!

Well it was officially yesterday, so I guess I’m a little late for the party. I’d say that I’m fashionably late, but if you know me you’ll know the fashion part isn’t really all that accurate. (he he)

We don’t observe Carrot Cake Day here in Canada, technically, as it’s a U.S-based ‘holiday’ (well, not a ‘real’ holiday– at least I don’t think?), but I like the idea of supporting our American friends by celebrating ‘Carrot Cake Day’ with them over a slice of this delicious dessert.

Who’s with me?

12032205_10156151745820601_704166471586089765_nAs ya’ll probably know, I’m an extreme chocoholic, but I do love me a piece of carrot cake every now and then (yep, even though it doesn’t contain chocolate).

Apparently carrot cake—or some version of it, anyway—has been around since the Middle Ages! It was probably more of a pudding-style dessert…

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