Bread and Butter


Circle 1

All of this Cornish winter air has me inspired to bake. My surroundings influence my baking behaviour and, in this instance, my surroundings are beautifully windswept and rustic. Muddy lanes, empty beaches and thick, white-washed walls are an earthy palette, reassuringly solid and peppered with the scent of the sea and woodsmoke. Cold winds create a need for sustenance, stone walls and dark beams suggest a call for the robust. Bread is the ultimate baking sustenance. Nothing else can provide such comfort and vigour for the body and soul. Being in the frost and wind battered southwest means working with wholemeal flours, comforting flavours and rough textures. Everything that comes from the oven is eaten hot and crusty with butter and mugs of tea.


The light in this part of the country is special, when the sun shines it dazzles, pouring through the windows and glittering on the sea. Oneā€¦

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