Celebrate Pi day with this easy 3.14-ingredient cake

Sounds like a good excuse, I mean reason for chocolate cake 😀

Cook Up a Story

Pi day cake A cake suitable for Pi day from Tip Junkie

The story behind Pi day

Normally, I’d choose a pie to celebrate the math constant π (Pi = 3.14159…) on its special day, which is coming upon us soon. Scientists the world over will likely be tucking into a delicious slice of banana cream or pecan pie during the year’s third month on its 14th day… at 1:59 pm if we are being precise… which can be annotated 3/14/1:59.

These are the numbers that make up Pi, pronounced “pie” for those who have no experience with advanced arithmetic. Well, there are many more numbers involved, more than million if you can believe it. But they are always in the same order, which makes Pi a constant.

Pies are appropriate on Pi day not only for their similar pronunciation, but also because Pi relates to the circle. However, I’ve found something…

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