Chicken Quesadillas. Mexican Cuisine!


Passion cook

Honestly, after making these (using my own made tortillas) i am hooked on Mexican Food. They are so tasty, and i only need a couple of slices to be full.

I highly recommend/insist that you make your own tortillas, you can freeze some and make more tasty dishes later. The difference is incomparable, they also great reheated next day. I love mine with a sour cream and guacamole (takes 5 minuets to make), as all the flavors mix really well.

I will be giving the recipe for tortillas in my other post.


Tortillas-this recipe is for 4 quesadillas and you will need respectively 8 tortillas.

Chicken breast- 2 pieces, cut in strips.

Yellow capsicum- 2 cut in strips.

Onion- 1 large, cut in half rings.

Cheese- i am using cheddar-200g + (depending on your taste) grated.

Fajita spice mix or any other chili spice mix.

Butter -50 g


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