Book Review: Fast Food Maniac

Let’s review a book about fast foods, their history and other facts that might surprise you.

Have to start saying that I’m not very fond of fast foods. Yes, I have eaten in some of them but I try to stay away for the questionable healthiness of their food.

Aside from that it’s hard to argue that they are part of the American culture, really deep in their roots.

When I was picking books this was not my first option because it looked like it would be a gathering of Wikipedia information gathered in a book.

Sadly I was right. Even worse, after reading the introduction I got my hopes up thinking I was wrong, but I wasn’t.

Imagine lots of 2-3 pages briefs for each restaurant in alphabetical order (only lunch and dinners) sometimes with personal anecdotes that add next to nothing to the book, separated by groups like nationals or regionals.

It’s hard to treat it as a book in a sense that there are no chapters.

Can’t deny that I learned a lot from names I’ve never heard before as I’m Puertorrican and moved to the continental states 8 years ago. Still was able to recognize the major chains that made their way into the island or that are still around.

In that aspect it was interesting as most of it was new to me but boring as the same time as there was almost no memories tied to those names.

The books feels more suited to people who grew with this restaurants around them.

Black and white picture of food items don’t help either. I understand that some are really old and color picture might not have been available, but recent ones like Chipotle should have them. Specially in food, color tells a lot of the history since you can’t smell the food.

There are some interesting sections at the end of the book but not enough to keep my attention.

Author: Jon Hein

Pages: 278
My Rating: 4/10

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


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