Beef and horseradish canapés


I made these around a year ago, and just stumbled over a photo I had taken on my phone of them. This was my first attempt at creating canapés and it was a definite winner. Not only did it taste great, but they look amazing too and only took around 5 minutes to make.

Ingredients (to make 20):

  • 5 slices of lightly toasted bread
  • leftover cold roast beef or 1 pack of supermarket pre-packed cold beef
  • 1tbsp horseradish
  • 2tbsp cream
  • 20 leaves of rocket (to garnish)


  1. Using a circular cookie cutter of around 2cm diameter, cut 4 circles of bread from each of the 5 slices
  2. Divide the beef into 20 portions and arrange on top of the bread
  3. In a bowl, mix the horseradish and cream together until combined. Then take a teaspoon and add the horseradish cream onto each piece of beef.
  4. Place one rocket leaf on top…

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