Khus khus ka Parantha (poppy seed parantha)

The Flavour Trail by Divya

Khus khus or as you may call Poppy Seeds are small white pearl like seeds derived from the opium plant. They may vary in colour either white/cream or blackish! Khus khus or poppy seeds are a great source of nutrients being high in calcium, magnesium,potassium and iron. It is a great source of dietry fibre as well! Apart from being a power house of nutrients they have various medicinal benefits as well, amd are used in a lot of home remedies.

In our hometown, we generally dry roast and then grind Khus Khus and after adding different flavourings stuff inside Siddu, a traditional Himachali dish. These are steamed whole wheat flour buns.

While cleaning my kitchen closets the other day, I realised that I had Khus Khus lying in huge quantities. So from the fear of it going bad( due to the hot temperatures) I thought of using it in…

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