Potato Cheese Momos with a Sepen Sauce. Tibetan Cuisine.

Passion cook

I fell in love with these in Nepal, and as i am  vegetarian for a month, i need something filling and heartwarming. Momos normally served with a sepen sauce, that is perfect addition to them. I don’t find it too hot, i find is just right, but if you are inexperienced chili eater, it could be a challenge. The recipe for the sauce in my other post, as i believe it deserves a special recognition.

In Tibet momos are very popular with yak meat, in Nepal with buffalo, but you can find vegetarian options everywhere on a menu.

They take quite a lot of time to make, but truly satisfying and you wouldn’t regret all the work. I just had a plate, and i can tell you, i haven’t enjoyed meal so much for a while, feels like i am back on a holiday.:)

I haven’t got any Tibetan or…

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