Pirojki with Green Onions and Eggs

I rarely make these, as they take, quite a lot of time. And i only like pirojki with a green onions and boiled eggs. They are particularly nice with a plate of soup like pumpkin or leek. Pirojki can be fried or bake, i prefer the baked version. They are nice warm or cold, just keep them in a air-tight container.

Dough is the most complicated part, just takes time, not really difficult. The fillings can be all sorts, sweet, sour, any of your choice.

For the filling:

Eggs- 6-8 boiled and chopped.

Spring onions-5 pieces, chopped.


For the dough:


Flour- 4 cups plus more for dusting.

Yeast- 20 g.

Sugar-100 g.

Salt- 1 teaspoon.

Milk- 1 cup.

Butter-50 g.

Eggs- 2.


Warm the milk to 30C , pour it to a bowl, add yeast and sieve in half of sugar and 1 cup of flour. Mix…

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