Tangy summer Sprout bean Salad


The Flavour Trail by Divya

Ok… So as kids we all remember how Mom used to tell us to eat our bowl of sprouts!! Ughhh… Not a fond memory… Atleast for me! I used to hate that bowl… And I used to ask mom to pep them up… But she never did!! Eventually she stopped giving them to us cause me n my sis used to always hate them!

The other day… I was in the grocery shop… Accompanying my colleague who needed some items… N I strayed towards the vegetables section. I saw a very tempting pack of sprouts… And yes I indeed was tempted to try my hand at this childhood nemesis!!

So I just kept adding ingredients, keeping in mind my extra choosy husband and sister…. They hate experimenting with food!

What I ended up making was a very fresh… Tangy and refreshing Sprout salad and needless to say my sis n…

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