Matcha and White Chocolate Madeleines 

Absolutely Muffin

On a recent trip to Paris I couldn’t resist a traditional Parisian Patisserie in the form of a delicious Madeleine (I of course may have also treated myself to the occasional croissant, eclair, giant slab of Brie…etc) and ever since, I have wanted to try making my own.

A few months ago, when Matcha Lattes became the new ‘thing’, I ordered myself some Matcha Green Tea powder and whilst I confess to disliking Matcha Lattes, I do enjoy adding the powder to my smoothies, porridge and baking. It offers a subtle taste but brilliant colour and it’s supposedly a superfood, even better!

Whilst this Matcha and white chocolate version may stray from the traditional dessert, I love it and the recipe (which is adapted from this BBC one) is super easy, leaving you with moist, light sponge cakes which take just over 10 minutes to bake. You will need a…

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