Keeping your homemade bread fresh

It usually doesn’t last long enough at home, but just in case…

sourdough movement

Baking bread and well cooking in general is very relaxing for me. On top of that homemade bread has a lot of advantages: starting from health (no preservatives and additives), the cost is lower than buying bread in the supermarket and taste is just great! Never the less, homemade bread also grows stale quickly because it lacks preservatives. To keep it fresh can be a challenge. Thus, I have decided to investigate how to keep bread fresh.

img_2050 Keeping your homemade bread fresh

Why does bread go stale?

According to :

There are two main culprits. The first is a chemical change with a particularly fancy name: starch retrogradation. As soon as bread is removed from the oven, the structure of the starch molecules change, and begin to crystallize. This crystallization forces water out of the bread and the result is staling. The second contributor is the loss of moisture…

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