S’mores Cookies

I like the sound of that!

Absolutely Muffin

Two things inspired by the Americans, Cookies and S’mores. You’d think I had actually visited America judging by my recent posts, sadly I’m still working on that so instead I bring you America through these delicious S’mores Cookies!

Based on my recent Cookie Dough recipe, these double chocolate Cookies are made better by the addition of toasted marshmallows and crushed digestives. I know, it probably seems silly to add biscuits to…a biscuit, but just work with me on this one. The Cookies are soft, chewy with a crisp edge, just as you would expect, and the chewy sweetness of marshmallow along with the salt from the digestives makes these Cookies a step above those you’ve made before. Such a fab combo of flavours and textures. I’m pretty obsessed. (Oh, I probably should’ve mentioned the large chunks of dark chocolate too).

NOTE: The below recipe makes quite a large…

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