Strawberry Blueberry Muffins

Perfect, bakery style strawberry blueberry muffins! Homemade muffins packed with fresh strawberries and blueberries and topped with a cinnamon sugar crumble. These unique muffins are impossible not… Source: Strawberry Blueberry Muffins

Leg Of Lamb With Red Wine And Garlic

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This is one of the simplest ways to roast lamb and gives you spoonable, moist meat, full of flavour with the added benefit of the potatoes cooking with the meat and pan juices to save you making gravy. While the oven is on for this I like to…

Cheesy Mexican Zucchini Boats

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Truth: ?my family has about had it with zucchini, I am afraid. ?As promised, I am dedicating this entire week on the blog to zucchini-because man, it’s everywhere and it’s just got to be utilized. ?So, as one would assume, I have been testing zucchini recipes left and right in my…

Farmhouse Cheddar for Beginners

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Farmhouse Cheddar By Ricki Carroll Ingredients: 2 gallons whole milk  (You can use raw milk or store-bought) 1 packet direct set mesophilic starter or 4 ounces prepared mesophilic starter 1/2 teaspoon liquid rennet (or 1/2 rennet tablet) diluted in 1/4 cup cool, unchlorinated water 1 tablespoon cheese salt Cheese…

Lamb and Spinach Green Soup.

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I absolutely adore this soup, anytime of the year, anytime of the day. The soup is light, utterly delicious and satisfying. And we are all aware of the amazing properties of the spinach, and this soup has a lot of it. You can prepare it with a lamb, beef or…

Rye Pancakes

They really are. Relatively easy to do and flexible enough to keep them different even if you eat them on a daily basis. Home made ones can’t be beat!

Blueberry jam and cottage cheese rolls

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I was eager to bake something sweet and use up blueberry jam that I made a while ago. Thus, sweet rolls came to my mind. My inspiration was cinnamon rolls, well the dough to be more precise. The filling – blueberries and cottage cheese – was something that I had…

Pasta + Zucchini Carbonara

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I’ve assumed for a very long time that everyone makes Pasta Carbonara. ?Without a recipe, just by use of memory and repetition. As if it is one of their kitchen staple dishes that they go to when in doubt and in pinch.? And when they are strapped for time and need…

Molasses Glazed Bacon and Cheese Meatloaf

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Meatloaf is very popular in our house and to make it gluten free I cheat and use crushed gluten free corn chips instead of hunting around looking for gluten free breadcrumbs in the freezer! As the chipotle chilli goes in the food processor to be chopped I do…

Strawberries in purgatory, a strawberry chilly chilli sorbet

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? The snobberies of “fein dining” anyone? Cool strawberry sorbet delicately embroidered with chilli?  Well hardly, she’s just a cheeky little strawberry sorbet, though pert and perky, with a pop of fireworks.  M’lady remains a portrait of serene beauty, sweet, of a firm curvaceous figure. Though ruddy complexion, from pale and insignificant…

Mexican Pizzas

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Mexican Pizzas Here is a pretty quick and easy dinner idea for you, not to mention yummy! 1 pound hamburger or 1 (12 oz) package Hormel Beef Taco Meats 1 (1.25 oz) envelope taco seasoning 6 – 12 tortillas, depending on size, mine were large so I only…

Zucchini, Corn + Cheddar Cakes

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Happy Zucchini Week, friends! ?I have taken it upon myself to dedicate this entire week of posts to this oh-so-pretty veggie…they are perfectly ripe, perfectly available, perfectly local and so very versatile. ?I’ll be pumping your recipe boxes full of some really fun ways to utilize this yummy in-season veggie and…