Bourbon Cheesecake  

This looks amazing.

Absolutely Muffin

Bourbons have always been my favourite biscuit, especially when dunked into a tea! As I sat during my morning tea & biscuit ritual I thought to myself that these little beauties must have more to give…and hey presto, they really do!

The base is crammed full of Bourbons and topped with a deliciously creamy malt chocolate cheesecake layer before being covered with lashings of Bourbon crumbs (I can’t get enough) and fresh whipped cream.

This dessert is so easy to make and yet the results are DIVINE (I never use that word, but seriously) and would go down a treat at a feast with friends, summer party or when all you wanna do is sit in your pants and scoff a cheesecake – we’ve all been there.

Ingredients (makes one cheesecake, 23cm wide. Will serve 10-12):

  • 275g Bourbon biscuits, crushed
  • 90g unsalted butter, melted
  • 500g full fat cream cheese
  • 300ml…

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