Red, white and blueberries

A Joy of Baking

Happy 4th of July!! If you’re struggling with what to make for your family BBQ today I have JUST the idea 🙂

I am ashamed to say that I have never made a blueberry pie. I am an absolute blueberry fanatic but I always thought a blueberry pie took my favorite little fruit and turned it into a gloop of candle-flavored mush. I was soo wrong! Another reason I never made this pie is because anytime I have blueberries in the house, they don’t last very long. 😉 This week was different though.

Last Saturday my fiancé and I were driving home from the beach and as we drove through New Jersey we completely (!!!!) stumbled upon Hammonton’s Blueberry Festival!! Hammonton, NJ is the blueberry capital of the world and every year I anxiously await the start of their shipments to our local food stores in PA. We ended up…

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