Stone Fruit Clafoutis

Not sure what’s stone fruit but looks awesome!


When stone fruits are in season I don’t hold back. I spent this years’ winter months scarfing bags of cherries in New Zealand only to return home and wait a short while for the Northern Hemisphere to produce its own ruby crops. Stone fruits have a saturated, yielding quality to them that, for me at least, defines the very idea of ripeness and abundance. Cherries should be eaten greedily in a shady corner of a fiercely hot day, their juices flecking summer linens. I romanticise stone fruits, as I romanticise most things, and I can think of a no more romantic dessert than Clafoutis, a rustic French dish with connotations of haze, swaying poplars and tall towers of summer cloud. It is a sweet, light dish with many margins for error and a base of simple, wholesome ingredients.

I had a mere handful of cherries in the fridge and so fattened my Clafoutis…

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