Icing on the Side

This sounds so good!


The summer so far has been mild and humid. This has lead to a surplus of overripe bananas in my household. Bananas seem to be something I buy out of habit yet crave only in colder weather. I use them to adorn maple-drizzled porridge and to stockpile energy for shivering. Despite my passionate ‘homage’ to banana bread even I can tire of baking and eating the same thing. The bananas in the fruit bowl had, this week, begun to blacken, their sickly sweet scent creeping beyond the confines of the kitchen, begging for a purpose.

Carrot cake has it’s own strong identity, it is loved by most and adored by many as a cult favourite. Vegetable content keeps a carrot cake moist and fibrous with a sweetness that is noticeably different to it’s sugary cousins. It can be a nutty cake, rich with spices and intense flavours. Add bananas into the…

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