Beef, Pancetta and Porcini Stew.

Passion cook

Great dish for any season. All flavours , complement each other, really well. And the taste, somewhat unique.

But the dish is time consuming and not cheap.


Fillet steak- good quality, lean- 1kg/2.2 pounds, cut into 4/4 cm(1.5inch/1.5inch) cubes.

Porcini mushrooms- 60g/2.1ounce, soaked into 1 cup of water, till soft.(reserve the liquid)

Carrot- 1 cut into half moons.

Celery- 2 sticks, cut into chunks.

Onion-1 cut into chunks.

Pancetta- 100g/3.5ounce cut into 4/4cm(1.5/1.5inch)

Rosemary- 1 tablespoon, roughly chopped.

Bay leaves-3 pieces.

Garlic cloves- 3-4 roughly chopped.

Red wine-1 cup.

Pickled baby onions- 700g/1.5pounds.

Canned whole tomatoes- 1 can, drained and chopped.

Basil-1/2-1 cup, chopped.

Tomato paste-2 teaspoons.


Salt, pepper to taste.


Lay beef cubes, between 2 paper towels, and leave it for 15 minuets, to dry.

Heat an oil in japan and cook pancetta, pieces, till browned, remove from the pan, set aside.

Season beef with salt…

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