Lamb and Spinach Green Soup.

Passion cook

I absolutely adore this soup, anytime of the year, anytime of the day.

The soup is light, utterly delicious and satisfying. And we are all aware of the amazing properties of the spinach, and this soup has a lot of it.

You can prepare it with a lamb, beef or chicken, my version is with a lamb, that i believe suits this recipe most.

Please watch the salt content, as the spinach is naturally slightly salty.

You will need 1 kg/2.2 pounds as total weight of herbs.

Spinach should be thoroughly washed, change water 2-3 times, as it carries a lot of sand, and the last thing you want is to feel  sand on your teeth.


For the broth:

Lamb- 1.7 kg leg of lamb.

Carrot- 1 large.

Celery- 2 sticks.

Garlic- 3 cloves unpeeled.

Parsley stocks.

Onion- 1 peeled.

Bay leaves- 2-3 pieces.

Water- 3 litres.

Salt, pepper.

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