Rolo Cookies

Sounds and looks amazing!

Absolutely Muffin

Rolo’s have been kicking around for a rather long time, they remind me of my Granddad and that advert which caused everyone to make the same joke when coming to an end of a packet – it won’t surprise you to hear that no, I never EVER offered anyone my last Rolo. These little golden cups are too good to be shared unless you’re going to stick them in something bigger and almost better…

There are heaps of recipes out there but Rolo cookies are by far the absolute best and as I appear to be favouring cookie dough recipes at the moment on the blog, it wouldbe damn right stupid of me not to include this. Like many of my cookie recipes, it follows my ultimate cookie dough recipe (see link below) which is easy, delicious and super gooey thanks to these guys. I have suggested you refrigeratethe Rolo’s…

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