Clabbered Butter : Make Butter How Your Great-Grandma Made It

This I would love to try!

How to Provide

Boy~Oh~Boy… I’m getting old.  I will now give you a recipe for butter the way your great-grandma made it… Clabbered butter is cream which has gone sour with healthy, natural cultures which are in yogurt, buttermilk or raw milk.

Clabbered Butter

4 cups of Heavy Cream(not ultra-pasturized, raw milk cream is preferred)

1/3 cup of Yogurt or Buttermilk(only necessary if you do not use raw cream, make sure yogurt or buttermilk doesn’t contain stabilizers or gums)

Sea Salt~ to taste

Pour cream into a glass bowl and mix in yogurt or buttermilk. Cover loosely and place in a warm area of the kitchen overnight. After 12-18 hours, your cream will be

Cultured Cream Cultured Cream [photo source:] noticeably thicker and slightly tangy. If your cream is bubbling or putting off gases than a bad bacteria has gotten into your beautiful cream (this rarely, if ever happens). Mourn it…

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