This Autumn, Tuesday nights have turned into a bit of a ‘thing’ with a few friends of mine; themed evenings with food and wine and relaxed, female company. This week someone brought soup, another some red wine and our host provided rustic, twisted bread sticks from the bakery. I naturally assigned myself in charge of ‘dessert’ and I needed to throw something together that was as paired down as the food. Cupboard trawling. Internet trawling. I started to formulate ‘macaroons’ in my head. Not those tiny, French, pastel-coloured monstrosities, but old-school, chewy, nutty macaroons. I remember eating these big, chewy discs of almond mounted on edible rice paper as a child.

These hazelnut cookies are German in origin (Nussmakronen) and are traditionally baked in their masses around Christmas time. To be authentic they need to be baked on wafers, which are similar to rice paper discs (or the discs used in…

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