Raspberry Ripple layer cake

Just amazing! Want one slice so badly!

Absolutely Muffin

If you watch Bake Off, there was controversy a couple of weeks ago when Paul dubbed Benjima’s naked cake a ‘bit of a mess’ or perhaps the word was ‘untidy’ I barely remember now because it was ridic. I reallylove the rustic look of naked cakes and despite other people’s opinion, I think you can make them look pretty – there’s a reason it’s become one of the most popular choices for weddings no?!

Coming to the party as a dressed up Victoria Sponge, this three layered raspberry delight has homemade raspberry sauce swirled through the sponge and sandwiched between each layer with a generous spread of vanilla buttercream – it was so moreish that my family scoffed it all – bar two slices, which were mine.

The drip effect is inspired by my recent bake, the Bourbon Biscuit layer cake (and my first attempt at adrip) because it was…

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