Pumpkin, Chorizo and Fougasse

This looks curiously delicious.


I got back from an amazing and restful holiday in Thailand a few days ago and after the longest journey home, it was fair to say that I was utterly unprepared for the bitterly cold weather that was waiting for me. After spending two weeks in the sun stuffing my face with the most delicious rice and noodle dishes for breakfast lunch and dinner, I really craved some soup. Just a big hearty bowl of something to warm me up. There was a lonely looking pumpkin hanging around on the kitchen counter, crying out to be put to use after failing  to make the cut for Halloween carving. I decided to put it out of it’s misery and came up with a quick and easy dinner of pumpkin and chorizo soup. Adding the chorizo really elevated this humble dish, bringing about a welcome spiciness and depth of flavour.

File 04-11-2016, 08 45 40.jpeg

Not being one to waste…

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  1. Beautiful dish! Love the idea of pumpkin and chorizo (:


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