Millionaire’s Pavlova

This looks so naughty!

Absolutely Muffin

Warning: The following post mentions the C word, Christmas, because let’s face it…we’re all a little bit excited for the return of SANTAAAAA.

What is Christmas without an abundance of chocolate? This extra indulgent twist on a classic dessert is the perfect showstopper forthe festive season and guaranteed to impress the hoard of family members.

Known for usually being covered in layers of delicious fruit, I decided to give Pavlova a bit of a makeover by incorporating one of my favourite bakes, Millionaire Shortbread. This delicious biscuit always makes an appearance over Christmas – usually in Trifle form – so I decided to do things a little differently this year especially after I was asked to contribute towards the Wren’s Christmas Kitchen Campaign which inspires bloggers to create delicious festive recipes, with a twist.

Whilst I’ve strayed from the tradition in terms of the base and toppings, this dessert is…

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  1. This is just decadent – Looking for Christmas treat. Bookmark Nov 9th and watch the spacae for the new release on our Recipe Exchange. This will be a perfect for the month of December. Oops, did I say to much by giving it away. Anyway, check it out and see for yourself.

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