Hazelnut Brownies

Oh boy!

Absolutely Muffin

I can’t quite remember how we came to have an abundance of ForreroRocher’s in our house, I suspect it was the result of some hungover/slightly intoxicated journey I now don’t have any recollection of, but we did and it was glorious. The only trouble when having big boxes of chocolates/sweets however is when you get to the end and there are only the rejects left. These usually consist of coconut, dark chocolate or really hard toffee varieties in our case.

It’s always a shame to throw them away, and this often results in me attempting to eat them in a bid to spare their feelings but noone wins in that scenario – until I came up with the idea to just simply add them to something we already love, BROWNIES.

Using my go to brownie recipe and throwing in some chopped Hazelnuts (I searched far and wide for a Hazelnut…

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  1. threebrits says:

    These are the best things we have seen all day!!

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    1. Javy Dreamer says:

      My only complaint is that the squares are too small 😉.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. BeaFreitas says:

    Ohhh these sound amazing!

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