Ri-cot-ta try these!

Sounds interesting!

A Joy of Baking

Ricotta cookies are so nostalgic for some reason. I say for some reason, because even through I remember these as a kid, I was so grossed out that there was CHEESE in these cookies. I just couldn’t get over it. Shockingly, I am now COMPLETELY over that  😛

Even though I associate these cookies with Christmas time, I fight the urge each year to use red and green sprinkles because it just doesn’t seem the same without those bright rainbow colors on top 🙂

The good and the bad of this recipe is that is has to be enjoyed immediately. If these are for a party, I make sure to ice them that day to minimize the color of the sprinkles from running. I say that’s the good and the bad, because although these have a tendency to get a little messier looking the next day, they usually don’t last that long 😉

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