Spiced Cocoa Mug Cake

Not a big cocoa fan, but this looks awesome!


I’m proud of my Spiced Hot Chocolate recipe, I spend quite some time fiddling and tweaking until I had created something notably luxurious. The cocoa-dusted rubble has been sat in a jar in the kitchen since I settled on the ultimate blend and I had started to wonder what other uses this concoction might have. The hot chocolate itself was so darkly spiced and decadent that I needed to think along similar lines. This melty, chocolate pudding exudes velvety comfort, perfect for cold, dark evenings when hot chocolate just isn’t enough. This is a dessert and needs to be drizzled with cream and spooned up greedily by candlelight. It also happens to be Gluten Free through the use of good old buckwheat flour.

Spiced Cocoa Mug Cake

(Serves 2)


40g (1/4 cup) Buckwheat Flour (normal wheat flour should also work)

50g (1/4) cup soft brown sugar

2 tbsp. Sentient Baker’s…

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