Boozy Cupcakes: Spiced Rum & Eggnog–with an Eggnog Buttecream

Not a fan of eggnog, but for those that are…

The Roadtrip Cowgirl

Hi Folks, I hope you’re all doing great and not overly disappointed that winter is here…especially after such a relatively mild, dry Fall (at least here in Ontario). Just when I was hopin’ for a green winter…curses! 🙂

The snow has, at the very least, thrown me right into holiday baking mode. Okay, okay I’m always in baking mode but—right now it’s ALL about the cinnamon, the peppermint, all those fun cookie shapes and, of course.. the Egg Nog!

How about one of these to make your holiday season Merry & Bright? Spiced Rum & Eggnog Cupcakes with a whipped eggnog buttercream…

15400904_10158011937125601_175449464378805227_nThis doesn’t look like a bad way to drink all that Holiday ‘Nog, right?

This year will be my first Christmas with my baking biz so I’m pretty excited. I’ve gotten a couple orders already (woohoo!) but now that I’ve got my holiday menu out, I’m hoping…

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