Interview: Efrain Delgado from Joylys Cakes

Today we are interviewing a long time friend. We went to school together all the way thru college in engineering school. Now we have two engineers talking about food, in this case cakes.

Hi and welcome to my blog Recipe Dreams. It’s certainly a big deviation from chemical engineering to baking cakes, is it that different?

Really no. in the professional field of baker and pastry chefs, recipes are treated like formulas. As in a laboratory you have to mix certain chemicals in a specified quantity, make them react, cool, heat, etc, to obtain a final product. Baking its the same thing, take ingredients  in specified quantities, mix, blend, stir, heat, bake, etc. to obtain a delicious final product.

I’m sure you had in mind working with a different type of recipes, how/why did you end up in the baking industry?

I really start in the baking industry as a hobby. I always like to cook, specially deserts. In a moments in our lives, my wife have to stay home to take care of our first daughter Lyann. I was working in a Chemical-Pharmaceutical Industry with a really good pay, but she still want to support their expenses and help me with some debts. So, she start selling small cakes that a well know and local baker makes for she every week. Until this baker said: ” Ok its time when I teach how to fish” meaning that this baker teach my wife how to make cakes for her own. Obviously I was very curious about that, and start by just looking and end it like her personal helper. But when I start to realize the possibilities on what you can do in a cake, combinations of color, paint, design, structure, modeling, etc… I know that this will be my favorite hobby because  i was very good in all kind of manual arts, drawing, painting, etc. By the time I start to take courses, buying and reading recipes books, decorating cake books, magazines, pastry chef text book and end up that I was auto educating my self in a second discipline without notice. Making greater, fascinating and challenging cakes. Now I have two jobs: engineer during the week and a cake decorator during weekend, with a lot o work.

But you are not a rookie cooking on his kitchen, you have a shop and also give various courses as well. Talk us a little bit about that.

Since we start making cakes at home a lot of people start asking why we dindt offer any seminar or course to teach how to make and decorate cakes. At first we think that we cant because it was for the pros, without knowing that poeple already was considering us within them.
So we start offering basic cake courses and seminars, with time also bakery supplie stores call us for teaching courses. Until recently I start working as a Pastry Chef Instructor in a Culinary  College. 

I’m sure by now our readers will be craving some pictures of your work. Care to share a few and talk a little bit about them?

Among all your skills in the kitchen, what’s what you enjoy the most?

Among all possible duties in kitchen, the one I enjoy most the cake decorating. Because there is where I can use my skills on enginering , pastry chef and artistic in one place. Really like from the planification to delivery the cake. 

What’s the history behind the name, Jolys cakes?

The name came from our two dauthers, Joyce and Lyann. Its was a temporary name but it result easy to remember for customers so we make it official. 

Now please share how people can get in touch with you for courses, buying or learning.

We offer our courses in our Hoy se cake room in private. We offer from Basic learning on how to make and decorate Cakes to advanced  seminars wedding Cakes or novelty 3d cakes. 
We are located in Humacao, Puerto Rico. Phone number 787-605-5829

How about those that are not able to attend training in person, do you have any other options?

We also have many students from the States thru our online video seminars website. we have a few basic seminars of making cakes and decorate. We are currently working on more. Our goal its to have all seminars in cakeshop available online.  The content its in spanish right know but plans to translate or CAPTION in english soon. Also there are many vídeos on our YouTube channel Joylys Cake Lab. On Goolge+  Facebook.


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