Triple Vanilla Shortbread

Simple yet elegant!


 February can be a hard month for morale; the year ahead is no longer a virtuous, blank page for us to draft with ideals and aspirations. Though the days are steadily lengthening, the cold and the damp remain. It’s not unusual to suffer the winter blues when the sky is heavy and the trees are still jagged and bare, but I believe there are merits to even the bleakest of seasons. I have always relished the quietness of February. Thick blankets of frost muffle the landscape and grace us with glittering views in the early light. There are few simpler pleasures in life than crunching through a still, winter’s scene or watching the steam from a hot cup curl and vanish into the cold air. Even the wildlife seems quieter; birds huddle in the bare trees and hedgerow creatures nestle in their earthen dens. The hush of wintertime can allow…

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