Yogurt Breakfast Bread Rolls

Sounds both interesting and tasty!

frauke's foodelicious fritid

What is better on a Sunday morning than some fresh and crispy bread rolls, coming warm from the oven and filling the kitchen with their lovely smell? And the softly melting butter with a bit of jam…. Hmmmmm, I love it! So for my brother’s visit, we decided to make some bread rolls and found this recipe on a German food blog called mangoseele. The bad thing is, you need to start one day ahead to enjoy the bread rolls in the morning, but on the other hand, you basically need to do nothing but mixing ingredients together, letting them rest for a day, cutting them into shape and baking them – so it is incredibly easy 🙂

What I loved especially about the recipe was that the buns are really crisp on the outside but super soft and fluffy on the inside, kind of like a ciabatta bread, as…

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