Apple hand pies

Pocket apple pies? I’m in!!!

frauke's foodelicious fritid

Aaaand the sun is already gone again… But don’t worry, if you bake some of these apple hand pies and serve them with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it will feel like summer 🙂 That’s at least what I thought before making these delicious triangles.

These hand pies are just perfect for someone who loves a good flaky puff pastry with a bit of sweet and sour fruit (I used the same rough puff pastry recipe as always). If you would like to have more filling than pastry, you should use another folding technique, maybe likethis. There are tons of apple hand pie recipes out there, but I tried to make my own sugar reduced version, and I was pretty glad with how they turned out. The apple in itself is so sweet, you really don’t need to add some extra sugar, rather have some ice cream…

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