The Science of the Best Fresh Pasta

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How to Provide


Easy to make, fresh pasta is worth the effort. [Photographs: Vicky Wasik, unless otherwise noted]

Guess what? If you have flour in your kitchen, you can make pasta. Right now. Got eggs, too? You have everything you need to whip up a batch of silky-smooth fettuccine. Have some cheese or vegetables lying around? You could be sitting down to fresh ravioli, tortellini, or a hearty lasagna in under two hours.

And yet, if you do a quick search for pasta recipes, chances are you’ll walk away more confused than confident. Some call for flour and whole eggs, others for additions of water or oil. Weight versus volume measurements, kneading times, resting conditions—it’s all over the map.

It’s not just a layman’s issue, either. When I was in culinary school, I had a series of instructors who only left me more disoriented. Some insisted on oil, others on salt, still others…

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