Banana, Chocolate & Nutella Layer Cake!

Dying for a piece right now,

Abbey Co.

My sweet little helper. She loves baking with me!

Sometimes, recipes come together thanks to the lack of ingredients on-hand, and a little bit of creativity.

I really wanted to bake, but was out of ideas as to what. I had two small bananas about to spoil and knew those needed to be used, in addition to the bottom of a carton of buttermilk I was determined to not throw out. I was thinking a banana cake with cream cheese frosting sounded like a nice treat, but to my dismay, I did not have an ounce of cream cheese on-hand. I did however have a handful of squares of baking chocolate and a nice full jar of Nutella, and decided to just go for it with a new flavor combination! So behold, the birth of my Chocolate Nutella Banana Layer Cake!

It is a very simple recipe, but hopefully something…

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