Meatless Monday Recipe for When It’s TOO DAMN HOT – Gazpacho Soup (No Cooking Involved!!)

Abbey Co.

I want to know who broke Seattle.

96 degrees? People don’t have air conditioners out here! Anything above 80 or below 40 is just not our style, and the city is so not ready for it.

Needless to say, I saw this forecast and promptly decided there will be no cooking in this house this week. Ninety?! No. Just, no. I stocked the fridge with fresh fruits and fixings to make salads, but after a few days that gets a little boring.

Gazpacho came to mind because not only is it cold and easy, but there is no cooking involved whatsoever! It also keeps for a few days so you can pack the leftovers up for lunches to get you through the heat wave. And when I say easy, I mean truly easy. The throw it all in one bowl kind of easy. There is seriously no skill level involved…

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