Baked Explorations “Mom’s Olive Oil Orange Bundt” Recipe

Abbey Co.

I have had this cookbook for a while – “Baked Explorations”.

Ironically, I have not had much of a chance to ‘explore’ the recipes, haha! I purchased it because the recipes all look lovely and sound very rich… just how I like my desserts! I am not a basic sweets kind of person, I like flavor combinations, mixtures of savory or salty with sweet, and this cookbook looked like it had a lot to offer a person with flavor interests like me.

Well this past week I decided to dive into it and am so glad I did.

Any recipe starting with “Mom’s” I trust automatically. You know that is the good $hit right there, if mom stamped her name on it and claimed it as her own. That is not the only reason this caught my eye though – I cook with it all the time but have never…

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