One-Bowl Brownies – The Easiest Scratch Brownies Ever!

I need brownies now!

Abbey Co.

These brownies came about on my actual birthday. We had been having way too much fun celebrating my birthday, and between dinners out, golfing, having friends over for football, we were little burnt out by the time my ACTUAL birthday arrived. I guess that would be the downfall of trying to truly celebrate your birthday for a full month, haha!

Well, on my actual birthday, the wheels fell off birthday month. My toddler threw a fit for about 5 hours, all while refusing to nap. She was pretty much crying over everything. Like, we are at Ikea, and she sees a plastic piggy bank, and starts crying because she thinks it is Peppa the Pig, but there is also a blue bank that must be Peppa’s daddy, but WHERE IS THE PURPLE PIG that is Peppa’s mom??!! Of course, a pretend purple plastic piggy bank that is Peppa the Pig’s…

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