Cream Cheese & Bacon Stuffed Celery

Have never been a fan of celery but this is something I would try!

In Dianes Kitchen


If you can’t get your family to eat their vegetables, try celery with this delicious flavored cream cheese. Do you need a quick and easy appetizer? What about a wonderful snack to have in the refrigerator? Celery stuffed with cream cheese has been around forever yet we tend to forget about making it! I like a little flavor with mine so I add bacon and green onion. These are so simple to make and they disappear fast!




Rinse the celery stalks.


Use a paper towel and pat the celery stalks dry.

Cut off the ends and cut each stalk into four pieces.


In a medium bowl, cream the cream

cheese with the back of a spoon.


Add the green onions and bacon.


Cream the bacon and onion into the cream cheese.

Cover and refrigerate for two hours or

more so the flavors meld together.


Using a knife, fill the…

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