Pork Chop Schnitzel

I love meat and German cooking. Yum!

In Dianes Kitchen


What a simple, tender and easy recipe that is so quick to make! Only six ingredients and so much delicious taste! All you need is boneless pork chops, or a pork loin cut into pork chops like I do, to make this fabulous tasting Pork Chop Schnitzel!


Ingredients – Yes that’s it!


Put the saltine crackers in a bag.

Using the flat side of a meat

tenderizer, crush the crackers.


You want them crushed fine as you can.


Place a pork chop into a bag and

using the flat side of a meat tenderizer,

pound the pork 1/8” to 1/4” thick.

Repeat with each pork chop.


Dip the pork chop into the

egg and shake the excess off.


Cover the pork chop in the

crushed cracker crumbs.


Heat the olive oil in a large

frying pan over medium heat.

Add the pork to the hot pan.


Cook until the pork…

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  1. Thank you for sharing my recipe! There is a printable recipe card on http://www.InDianesKitchen.com too!


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